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Devils 4 Devils

College Program

Help create the community you want to live in

Devils 4 Devils is a student-led community for training, outreach and engagement for shaping an empathic environment at ASU. We are dedicated to the inclusion of all students and improving the social emotional well-being of the communities we serve.

We combine education and student-led solutions to generate a greater understanding of empathy and opportunities for peer-to-peer support. We believe that if enough faculty, staff, students and student leaders gain an enhanced understanding of key points about well-being and our fundamental responsibilities within our community, we impact the whole.

Mental health in college

College is challenging and many students experience feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, being overwhelmed, sadness and exhaustion. There are professional resources in and outside of ASU that can help, but being an empathic, supportive peer is often the first step in helping someone that is struggling.


Current college data

2019 American College Health Association -
National College Health Assessment

felt overwhelmed by all they had to do.
felt very lonely.
felt overwhelming anxiety.
felt so depressed it was difficult to function.


Active Minds’ Fall 2020 Student Mental Health Survey explored the impact of COVID-19 on student mental health

of college students are experiencing stress or anxiety as a result of COVID-19.
of students surveyed said that their depression increased significantly.
reported an increase in supporting others with their mental well-being.