Resume Resources

Resume Resources

Planning And Updating Your Resume

As you gain experience, certain items and categories of information on older versions of your resume may need to be eliminated to avoid detracting from the most relevant information. Changes may also be necessary in order to keep your resume focused and concise. A guideline is one page for every ten years of experience. Conversely, employers are most interested in your most recent accomplishments, so you can safely edit much of the information older than ten years, resulting in a resume no longer than two pages.

Communications skills, management acumen and leadership traits will likely be demonstrated through recent work and community and/or professional organizations, rather than campus involvement. Consider leading off your resume with a summary of qualifications statement showing your match to the position description.

Most career changers have sufficient transferable skills and quantifiable accomplishments that can be best highlighted using a combination resume format (combination of chronological and functional formats). This style provides the best of both worlds: the inclusion of a qualifications summary and key skills, plus the reverse chronological work history that employers want to see.

If you are transitioning from military to civilian life or changing career fields, consider whether a functional resume format can more strategically build your case for candidacy than the traditional reverse chronological format.

Resume Tips

  • While most standard conventions for resume design still apply, you will need to be very critical when deciding what to include and what to eliminate.
  • Unless your degree is brand new and required for the job, your Education section will follow the Experience section.
  • Be certain to show, not tell, your reader what you can do, using specific examples from your work history.
  • Keep your list of skills short and relevant to the position.
  • Bullet point major accomplishments and omit those less relevant to the job you want.
  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs and sections.
  • Quantify and qualify your statements. Explain the results of your efforts.
  • Seek advice from hiring managers in your field to be certain that you're on track.

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