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Doctoral Internship Program Evaluation


In accordance with our training philosophy, supervisors provide ongoing feedback to trainees regarding their strengths, areas for growth, and progress towards successful completion of the training experience. The primary supervisor documents feedback on the Weekly Supervision Documentation form. Clinical supervisors meet regularly and also as needed to share observations regarding all trainees' skills and areas for growth. Feedback is based upon all aspects of the trainee's training experiences, including: clinical and consultative work, informal consultations regarding cases, observations by seminar leaders, and reports by all clinical supervisors. The purpose of this process is to ensure an integrated approach towards developing the trainee's skills, and contribution to the training experience by all members of ASU CS clinical staff.

An intern’s performance is formally evaluated toward the end of every semester. The first and the third evaluation will be shared with the Director of Clinical Training of the intern’s academic program as a part of mid-year and end of year communication between ASU CS internship program and the intern’s academic program. Trainees will receive a midterm feedback midway between the beginning of the evaluation period and the formal evaluation. The midterm feedback can be conducted in a verbal or written format. There is also ongoing, informal feedback offered in weekly supervision meetings and as needed throughout the year.

It is expected that the intern will receive an overall rating in each competency area at the end of first semester evaluation indicating appropriate progress toward completion of the training program.  To successfully complete the internship training, the intern must receive an overall rating in each of the 9 profession-wide competency area with an intermediate-advanced competency or a 3.5 rating by their final evaluation.

ASU CS training staff also seeks information from interns to use in evaluating the effectiveness of the training program. The Training Director and supervisors seek ongoing verbal feedback from interns throughout the year. At the end of each semester, interns complete formal written evaluations of each component of training, including the primary supervisor, group supervisor, seminars, and the overall training program. Supervisor evaluations are discussed by the intern and the supervisor. The Training Director and relevant trainers review the evaluations, and feedback is used to assist in program development.