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Doctoral Internship Program Diversity Statement

One part of ASU CS stated mission is to enhance and promote the valuing of diversity through actions that reflect an understanding of and respect for differences and similarities. A necessary condition for carrying out this aspect of our mission is sensitivity to the cultural and individual differences and similarities within our own agency.

Diversity encompasses major aspects of human development and interaction, as well as individual and group identity. ASU CS staff is diverse in many aspects of personal identity, including race, ethnicity, culture, language, spirituality, sexual orientation, affiliation, physical and mental ability. We also represent differences in professional disciplines, training, and roles. Our clinical staff come from training and backgrounds in social work, psychology and counseling, and work along with administrative and support staff whose background and training is even more wide ranging- from business and education to arts and sciences. As an agency, we recognize all of these differences as positive contributions to the overall work environment, and the ability of ASU CS to engage in its important work at ASU.