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About ASU and Phoenix

About Arizona State University

Arizona State University is located in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, the economic, cultural, and governmental center of Arizona and the fifth largest U.S. city. ASU is an internationally recognized institution for research and technological advancement (classified as an RU/VH university by the Carnegie Foundation [Research University with very high research activity]). ASU works in partnership with the private sector to advance the economic competitiveness and quality of life in Arizona. ASU is the largest university in Arizona, and one of the largest in the country. Approximately 100,000 students (20,000 of them are online degree students) from all states and more than 100 countries enroll at ASU each year.

For more information about Arizona State University, visit the ASU website at Information about the composition of the ASU student body is available here.

About Phoenix, AZ

With a metro area population of over four million, the Phoenix area boasts a sunny climate, a casual lifestyle, and a rich cultural heritage. For entertainment, the Phoenix area hosts a broad variety of performing events. These include opera, ballet, theater, Broadway musicals, and international groups, as well as concerts for every musical taste. For the sports lover, there is a wide menu of events from which to choose. The Phoenix area hosts NBA and WNBA basketball, NHL hockey, NFL football, and major-league baseball. Within two hours' drive, cool pine forests in mountainous national and state parks offer camping, fishing, and hiking sites. The metropolitan Phoenix area boasts one of the largest urban mountain hiking trail systems in the country. For information about the community, visit To access the online version of the local Arizona Republic newspaper, see