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Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you will meet with a counselor to discuss concerns and learn coping strategies in a private, confidential setting. The counselor will collaborate with you to set counseling goals and evaluate progress toward those goals.


Referral/case management services

ASU Counseling Services staff maintains an extensive list of community-based providers and seeks to maintain close relationships with both you and the provider to ensure that you have all of your counseling, assessment, and psychiatric needs met.

  • Psychiatric services: If you need to connect to a local psychiatrist or you are looking for an evaluation for psychiatric medication, our staff can facilitate and support you in connecting to community-based providers to meet your individual psychiatric service needs.
  • Community mental health providers: If you wish to transfer on-going counseling treatment or looking to start personal counseling with a local provider, our staff has referral relationships with providers and can assist in connecting you to a provider who is able to meet your goals and needs.
  • Community resources: There may be times when you need a specialized service. Examples could include:
    • Assessment for ADHD, learning disorders, or other concerns
    • Community resources to assist with basic needs such as emergency housing, food banks, and other emergency assistance
    Our staff has access to many resources that you might find helpful. Let us assist you in discovering what you need to be successful and in getting you there.