Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Finding support in others can be powerful. We believe that students seek counseling because they are looking to change or improve something that is causing them emotional pain. Dedicated time. to talk, think, emote, learn and practice new skills alleviates suffering. The relationships that we build - confidential, emotionally supportive, person affirming - are a central part of what makes counseling work. We believe that fellow students, working through similar pain, are a way to speed healing. So many students come to us having not talked to anyone for fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

  • Feeling understood by your peers matters.
  • Gaining perspective from your peers helps.
  • Practicing tough and vulnerable conversations with peers transforms.

We believe this is so important, that we’ve built this type of counseling to be a central part of our treatment. We know group counseling works for college students - many times better than individual counseling. We work hard to gain trust and confidence in our group recommendations, and work even harder to ensure groups are meeting student needs. Take a chance, call or walk into Counseling Services to get started.


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Performance health groups

Performance health groups are for students looking to improve their academic success while learning new skills to help with the college experience.

Cultivating Calm: Mindfulness

Non-sequenced session open to all students who are looking to develop mindfulness techniques to help them cope with stress. (60 mins.)

Adjusting to College

Assists any freshman student who needs support during the transition into college life. Participants will discuss issues around anxiety, social support, effective social functioning skills and increasing comfort within new relationships.

International Student Support

Helps international students gain coping skills for emotional distress and decrease avoidant behaviors that interfere with academic and life success as an International student at ASU.

Handling Life Pressures

Topics include learning to effectively deal with life stressors such as sabotaging success, low motivation and self-image, roots of conflict with others, lack of vision and winning mindset and feeling like you don’t belong or fit in with others. The group covers five weeks of topics and anyone can join at any time.

Meaning and Purpose

Helps you develop your skills in life through the understanding of chess pieces and strategies in playing the game of chess. The group will spend time each week on life strategies as they relate to the playing of the game.

Power Hour Interpersonal Process Sessions

Weekly open enrollment
Student focus: Students of color
Student focus: First generation students
Student focus: Graduate students
Student focus: LGBTQIA+ students
Student focus: Undergraduates
Student focus: Veteran students
Student fccus: Men's group

A small, supportive environment of peers featuring dynamic discussions around topics faced by the students in the focus group, which could include things such as relationship issues, pressures of student life, managing personal expectations, navigating the unexpected, social confidence and more. (75 mins.)

ADHD Group

This group is for students struggling with maintaining attention, procrastination problems, motivation issues, frequent misplacement of things and memory recall. Participants will address current habits and learn new skills.


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Relational health groups

Relational health groups are for students who are trying to improve and understand their relationships and learn skills that can help foster positive relations while in college and beyond.

Healthy Relationships

Provides weekly guidance on a new topic that helps lay foundational strongholds on creating and balancing relationships with family, friends, partners or co-workers. (3 sessions, 90 mins. each)

Connections (Interpersonal Process Group)

Assists any student that is struggling with internalized shame that is causing poor relationships with self and others. (10 weeks)

Social Confidence

Helps any student struggling with shyness or social anxiety that is causing poor relationships with self and others.


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Behavioral health groups

Behavior Health groups are for students who wish to align positive behaviors and emotions in an effort to enhance their college experience.

Success, Not Excess

Assists any student who is struggling with substance use issues that are impacting their academic performance or interpersonal relationships. (5 sessions)

Chasing Perfection

Aids any student struggling with unhealthy eating habits, poor body image and low self-esteem that are impacting their academic performance or interpersonal relationships.

Chronically Empowered

Helps provide a supportive environment for any student who is managing any form of chronic pain or illness. Participants will be engaged in powerful discussions about managing the demands of college, finding balance and setting reasonable expectations in order to be successful.

Everyday Practices for Healthy Living

Assists students needing help improving their lifestyle and thinking. Students will learn how to use gratitude, relaxation, achievement, pleasurable activity engagement, exercise, socialization and sleep hygiene to improve self-care.


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Emotional health groups

Emotional health groups provide students with the opportunity to understand their emotions and learn to cope with college stressors.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Participants learn the difference between stress and anxiety, the impact that anxiety has on sleep and ways to improve internal self-talk. (4 sessions)

Getting Unstuck

Assists students struggling with depression and isolation, looking to find a way to tame the inner critic who creates negative thoughts that are unhelpful and create “stuck points” in the student’s life. (6 sessions)

Help Your Brain with Anxiety and Depression

Each week provides participants with new tools from a different approach when dealing with anxiety and depression. (4 sessions)

Supporting Our Students (SOS)

A small supportive environment of peers will have powerful and dynamic discussions around topics faced by students dealing with mid-semester and upcoming holiday stressors in a small peer environment.

Art Expression

Helps students with creative methods to express emotions. Different mediums for creativity will be used throughout the semester.

Making HERstory

For women who have experienced some level of trauma (physical, sexual, emotional) and would like support in a peer group format.

Wonder Women

Assists women who are seeking personal empowerment and would like support in a peer group format.