Group Counseling

Group Counseling


Change Inside = Change Outside

For college students, making changes in counseling groups with peers that have similar concerns is one of the best choices. In group, you learn that you are not alone in your concerns. Group therapy is a unique opportunity to learn from others' diverse experiences, share similar personal concerns, develop self-awareness, take risks, learn and practice new skills in a safe, supportive environment. It is not always easy to change, or to even know what to change. As you have successful experiences practicing change in group therapy, however, you will begin to see change in your life outside of group as well.

The most successful groups stick together to transform. They also have the following characteristics:

Group members respect one another by refraining from disclosing any information that may be discussed within the group setting outside the group.

Group members commit to attending all group sessions. Groups range from one to twelve sessions.

To be part of a group, just call 480-965-6146 and request to speak with a group counselor who will be happy to give you more questions and answer any questions that you have.

For many concerns students have, group therapy is often the best way to see results in treatment. Group is a great choice for you if you want to:

  • learn how to make and/or keep friends
  • explore using your own voice and/or practice being assertive
  • learn how to manage or overcome shyness
  • address family issues, self-esteem, body image, loneliness, anxiety, depression or other issues that get in the way of your ability to grow and learn at ASU


Performance Health

Impacting our academic success



Cultivating Calm

Develop  Mindful Engagement in life

One w/the Force

Develop  skills for life

Meaning & Purpose

Clarify values and meaning in life

Seeking Serenity

Make active, intentional choices

Adjusting to College

Cope with transition to college lifestyle

The Finish Line

Approach to successful semester

Mandarin Speaking Group

Find success & support in native speaking community

Graduate Student Power Hour

Process in a supportive community

African Decent Student Power Hour

Process in a supportive community

Undergraduate Student Power Hour

Process in a supportive community

1st year Student Power Hour

Process  in a supportive community

LBGTQIA+ Student Power Hour

Process in a supportive community

International Student Power Hour

Process  in a supportive community


Emotional Health

Understanding our emotions, steadying our reactions



Anxiety Toolbox

Decrease the impact of anxiety on life

Getting Unstuck

Move toward your goals

Help Your Brain with Anxiety and Depression

Management options for anxiety & depression

Hope and Healing

Understand trauma & support personal power

Expressive Arts

Manage life  & emotions creatively

Your Inner Hero

Manage life stressors w/ courage


Relational Health

Improving our connections and relationships with others



Family of Origin

Increase healthy boundaries & emotional independence

Healthy Relationships

Improve trust, communication & connections


Build shame resiliency


Behavioral Health

Shaping our actions with our goals



Success, not excess

Reduce risks of harm to self or others with substance use