Consultation Services

Consultation Services


ASU Counseling is committed to connecting any student to resources to support their physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. This may include on- or off-campus medical, counseling, financials, social, and spiritual professionals as appropriate. All recommendations are based on individual needs, resources, and goals. Our staff has access to many resources that students might find helpful in helping. We call this process of identifying need and connection to support Care Coordination and it is critical to student success.


At times, off-campus counseling and psychiatric providers may be the best options for students. ASU Counseling Services can facilitate these connections, or students can search for recommended providers independently through our ASU Community Link. ASU students can use this database at any time; prior service at ASU Counseling is not required.  Students who prefer to receive support in connecting to a community provider should contact ASU CS at 480-965-6416.

Community providers include:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Community mental health providers
  • Specialized services. Examples could include assessment for ADHD, learning disorders, or other concerns.