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Services Offered

ASU Counseling Services offers confidential, personal counseling and crisis services for students experiencing emotional concerns, problems in adjusting, and other factors that affect their ability to achieve their academic and personal goals. Counseling staff have training and experience in issues facing university students and are committed to helping them adjust to campus life and meet their academic goals. 

The Services at ASU Counseling are designed to ensure that any student has access to professional mental health services.  We accomplish this by ensuring that any student can be seen for a initial appointment the same-day they want to be seen.  This appointment is designed to be brief to quickly assess the students reasons for seeking help, their academic and social functioning, and whether they are currently experiencing a crisis. From there our goal is to match each student's need to available services.  These may include any of the following:

  • on-campus individual or group counseling
  • online therapy modules
  • off-campus individual or group counseling
  • on-campus medical evaluation and services
  • off-campus medical evaluations and services

Sometimes a decision about need and services can happen in that brief first appointment. Sometimes it will take additional conversations and appointments to determine what is best. Each student collaborates with their counselor to determine which of the service best meets their needs.  No student will be charged while we collaboratively figure out which service is right for them.

A Note About Confidentiality

Counseling at ASU Counseling Services is confidential and is most effective when a student can be direct and honest with a counselor without fear that personal information will be shared.

******Notations of counseling are not part of a student's university record******

For Students 18 Years Of Age Or Older: Counselors do not release information about a student without that student's written permission, except in cases of the following:

  • imminent danger to self or others
  • child/dependent abuse, court order, or where otherwise required by law.

For Students Under The Age Of 18: One assessment session is provided. Further services require a parent's or legal guardian's notarized signature on the "Parental Consent for Services for Underage ASU Students."