Politics: A RaceB4Race® Symposium

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 10:00am to Friday, May 7, 2021 - 5:15pm

, Online

Politics: A RaceB4Race® Symposium

May 4–7, 2021

Co-sponsored by Brandeis University and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University.

As the first RaceB4Race event to bring classicists into conversation with early modernists and medievalists, this symposium will combine scholars working to reconfigure, rehistoricize and repoliticize the past.

This symposium invites scholars of history, literature and other disciplines in the premodern eras to consider how the past frames the politics of race, how the politics of the past have influenced race in our disciplines and how the politics of the present intrude upon, expropriate and capitalize on these trends. In addition, this event will in particular focus on how the practices of scholarship and pedagogy engage with the politics of race and the racialization of politics in our disciplines.

RaceB4Race® is brought to life by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in partnership with The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of Humanities at Arizona State University. RaceB4Race is underwritten by the Hitz Foundation.

Learn more about RaceB4Race here.

Event for: Adults, Current students, Alumni, Faculty and staff

Event category: Arts and Culture, Lectures & Educational Programs

Hosting/Sponsoring organization/Unit: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

For event inquiries: Leah Newsom acmrs@asu.edu

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