Is It Time to Consider Lincoln More Critically?

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Online, Off campus

Surely, every debate about Abraham Lincoln has been had, and every story told—from his childhood splitting rail to his battle with depression, from his cabinet of former rivals to his violent assassination. At the end of the Trump presidency, comes a new account of an 1864 episode that shines light on Lincoln’s authoritarian side and his manipulative relationship with the press. With the Union mired in a bloody war with no end in sight, two New York newspapers published a presidential proclamation declaring an unpopular new draft. Lincoln declared it a forgery and shut down both outlets, threatening and imprisoning telegraph operators, editors, and reporters. What lessons can this history teach us about the relationship between politics, media, and national security in today’s America? Elizabeth Mitchell, author of Lincoln’s Lie, visits Zócalo to discuss all things Lincoln.

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Event for: Adults, Current students, Alumni, Faculty and staff

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Hosting/Sponsoring organization/Unit: Zócalo Public Square

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