Frequently Asked Questions


Will this program improve my chances of being accepted to Barrett, The Honors College?

Participation in an academically selective program will make you a more competitive applicant for any program including an honors program.

What are the attendance requirements? What if I miss a day of class?

Students are expected to attend class every day and meet all course deadlines. Students are encouraged to contact their instructor for missed coursework.

Where and how are my grades recorded?

Students are assigned grades that will be recorded on your ASU transcript.

If necessary, how I can withdraw from the program?

We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that arise and we will work with each student and family individually.

How does the  Collegiate Scholars Academy course compare to (AP /IB) courses?/How does a university level course compare to AP/IB course?

A university course is an alternative to taking AP/IB courses, both are considered college-level. The university courses in the Collegiate Scholars Academy have a specific academic or career interest focus and academic credit is assured once a passing grade is acquired, while college credit for an AP/IB course requires a single exam.

I had a life challenge that caused my grades to be lower in a specific semester. Can I address that in my personal statement?

You can address any individual circumstances in your personal statement.

Are there scholarships available?

Tuition for this program is significantly reduced through the generous scholarship support of ASU.

My parent/guardian works for ASU, may I use a Tuition benefit?

All students are required to pay the $500 tuition for the program.

Will I have to buy textbooks?

Certain courses may require you to purchase textbooks. Visit the Course Information page (Fall/ Spring or Summer) to confirm book requirements. Option to purchase or rent your textbook are listed.

Students are expected to bring your textbook to the first day of class. If your book does not arrive on time, books are available on reserve in the ASU Library system for students to access.

How do I pay for the course? Are there certain deadlines?

Tuition charges will be applied to your ASU student account. Student accounts and payment instructions are viewable through ASUrite login is required. Full payment is due by 1 week prior to your course date.

Students enrolled in the Global Freshman Academy will submit their “Verified Track” enrolment fee at the enrollment stage. To apply credit for the course to your transcript, students will submit payment or $200 per credit hour, once the course is completed.

Are the college and career exploration activities of this program required?

Yes, to increase you success, students are expected to attend all aspects of the Academy

Can I participate in the Collegiate Scholars Academy if I am a Senior in high school?

Current high school seniors are welcome to participate in Global Freshman Academy courses during Fall, Spring, or after graduation. Current high school are in-eligible to participate in Collegiate Scholars Academy courses in Fall or Spring, if they have submitted an ASU degree-seeking application. If a high school senior has not submitted an ASU degree-seeking application, they may participate in Collegiate Scholars Academy courses during the Fall and Spring semester of their senior year. Current high school seniors are in-eligible for participation in summer Collegiate Scholars Academy courses.

How much will parking be? Where will they be parking?

To view parking costs, locations, and purchase instructions, visit the Next Steps – Transportation and Parking information page. )

Are bikes allowed?

Bicycles are permitted for travel to the program for check-in and after check-out. Bicycles are not permitted for travel on campus during program hours. Bike racks will be available for students to park their bikes. Students must provide their own lock.

As a parent/guardian, can I review my students grades and progress in their course?

Student grades, records, and academic progress are protected by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also called FERPA or the Buckley Amendment) and can only be discussed with the student. Additional information regarding student privacy can be found here:

My ASU Parent Guest Access is an online tool that allows students to share FERPA protected information with parents and guests. Students have the choice to share some or all of the information available to parents and guests. Find out more information about the My ASU Parent Guest Access visit