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Your contribution makes a difference for our students and in our communities!

Prizes for the Changemaker Challenge are only possible through the contributions of forward thinkers with a passion for creativity and social change. The Changemaker Challenge seeks two types of gifts: traditional monetary gifts, as well as gifts of services. All sponsors will be recognized for their contributions in the annual ceremony to announce Changemaker Challenge winners.

Gifts of Service

Students need funding to get their ideas off the ground, but they also benefit tremendously from gifts of service provided by experts in law, web development, and marketing, among other industries. If you have interest in contributing 5-10 hours of your skills to the advancement of winning student ideas, please contact


Even seemingly small gifts can make a big difference for students who have innovative ideas, but lack the funds to transform them into impact.

Investors who contribute $5,000 or more to the Changemaker Challenge may participate and be recognized during next year's competition in multiple ways.

If you have a desire to help a student and invest in your communities, consider the impact your gift will have;  contact and become a Changemaker Challenge sponsor today.