We require that each team identify a mentor because teams that have the expertise of mentors to draw from are more successful in conceptualizing and implementing their ideas.

Who Can Mentor

Mentors may be ASU faculty, staff, or alumna/us. They may also be working professionals who have no ASU-affiliation. Mentors may be from any industry or profession. We encourage students to seek a mentor who can help them move their ideas forward.

Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors are encouraged to provide guidance as students draft their proposals and develop their ideas. Mentors will also support students once Changemaker Challenge winners are announced.


As a mentor, before your students submit their application you agree:

  • To make yourself available to your student team as they refine their project;
  • To use the judging criteria in the areas of innovation, impact, implementation, and presentation to assess your teams materials prior to submittal.

As a mentor, if your students do not win an Changemaker Challenge award, you agree:

  • To review the students' application and the feedback received from judges;
  • To offer suggestions about how he students might improve their project proposal for future funding competitions.

As a mentor, if your student do win a Changemaker Challenge award your agree:

  • To communicate with the Team Leader at least once per month to review progress on project implementation for a period of 12 months starting on the date the award funds are disbursed (expected in March 2016). Communication may occur via email, phone or in-person visit;
  • To connect students with community partners or other resources that might assist with the design and implementation of their Changemaker Challenge idea.

Resources for Students

Download a copy of the Mentor Commitment Form and give to potential mentors to help explain the Changemaker Challenge and the role of mentors.

For students, faculty, staff, alumni and community

ASU has a pool of more than 300 experienced mentors who can assist aspiring entrepreneurs with legal, financial, business, marketing and other needs. For more information about finding or becoming a mentor, email

Resources for Mentors

Individuals interested in mentoring ASU students can download a copy of the Mentor Commitment Form and familiarize themselves with the Mentor role.