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My child is currently a 7th grader. Will they be able to participate in the program?

BSS program participation is based on the rising grade level for the 2021-2022 school year. Current 7th graders will participate in the 8th grade program, current 8th graders will participate in the 9th grade program, current 9th graders will participate in the 10th grade program, and current 10th graders will participate in the 11th grade program

My child is currently in the 10th. Will they be able to participate in the program?

Yes! Barrett Summer Scholars will be offering our first ever Rising 11th grade program in Summer 2021.

Will there be a parent meeting to learn more about the program?

BSS will offer parent meetings and information sessions for select schools prior to the application due date in March. Contact your school’s teacher, counselor or administrator to learn if a parent meeting can/will be offered. BSS will also offer information sessions via Zoom and Facebook Live throughout early 2021. You may also contact BSS to learn about information sessions

Who provides the teacher recommendation?

Applicants should ask a teacher to complete the recommendation. The recommender should be a person who can evaluate the applicant’s academic performance and potential for success at BSS.
Recommenders may access the recommendation form here. It is the participant’s responsibility to ask their recommender ahead of time, provide the link for accessing the form, and follow up with them to verify completion of the form by the application deadline.

How are courses assigned?

Participants will be asked to rank all of the offered electives based on interest in the subject matter. We will do our best to place participants in one of their top three choices. BSS cannot guarantee that all participants will be placed in the elective of their choosing, but will strive to ensure that all students benefit from their assigned elective. 

Please be aware that elective choices for the 10th grade programs are specific to campus location.

Does my child have to attend the entire session?

Participants are required to participate for the entire duration in order to gain the full experience of the program. Students who are not available for any portion of the program should consider applying next year.

Will my child be chaperoned?

Staff will be with the participants at all times during the program.

Will there be an orientation to prepare for the program?

When acceptance notifications go out, participants and parents will receive information regarding Program Orientation. Orientation is not mandatory, but is highly recommended as it will allow participants and parents to learn additional details about the program.

When are parents expected to pay the program fee?

Participants will be notified of their admission status, program fee and scholarship award (if applicable) by early- April. Participants will be notified to pay their program fee balance by late-April. 

Can my child reapply to Barrett Summer Scholars?

Yes! All BSS grade level sessions are designed to deliver a unique experience. Participants are encouraged to re-apply as many years as they are eligible.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available. If a student wishes to be considered for a scholarship, they should complete the following steps in the Barrett Summer Scholars application.

  1. Select "yes" to question "Do you wish to apply for financial assistance if admitted into the program?" in program application.
  2. Questions required include information on family annual average earned income, number of dependents in household under the age of 18, and if applicant receives free/reduced lunch.
  3. In the event of recent financial hardship, students have the option to provide additional information about their circumstance and need for financial assistance.