Barrett Summer Scholars Teacher Recommendation Form

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Personal Evaluation

(Evaluate the applicant’s academic ability & performance based on your knowledge of this student.)

Evaluate this student in each area listed below

Please describe your perspective on the student’s enthusiasm for learning and/or the student’s desire to want something more from their learning experience. This is your opportunity to thoroughly list additional comments that further explain why this applicant is a good candidate for the program. Comments listed will be taken into consideration and assigned point value when evaluating each application.

Free/Reduced Lunch

This information will help determine this student's eligibility for a BSS scholarship that he/she may have applied for. Please help provide this information even if the student may not have actually applied for the scholarship, as this information will help ensure a complete application for the applicant. The criterion to award a scholarship is not used to determine eligibility into the program.

Certification Statement

I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief all of the information on this form is correct.