Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services is committed to connecting with and educating the campus community to increase the awareness of disability, equity, inclusion and universal design in support of students. As we build a culture of inclusion for students with disabilities, the university as a whole benefits. We invite you to join us and engage in these trainings and dialogue to truly become the culture expressed in the Charter… “measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed.”


Catalyst for Change recipient, from the Committee for Campus Inclusion

AccessZone is an in-depth 3-hour training program, developed for Arizona State University faculty, staff and students to increase institutional awareness and support for students with disabilities. AccessZone builds upon the ASU Charter, which states that we are measured by whom we include and how they succeed.

This program provides context by covering the history of disability and laws that impact those with disabilities in higher education. AccessZone prepares practitioners to understand disability as an important aspect of campus diversity and introduces Universal Design as it relates to access and inclusion in higher education settings.

Using an interactive approach to include videos, simulations, presentation and discussion, this program provides practitioners with the knowledge, tools and skills to work more effectively and confidently with students with disabilities.

Lori in training

AccessZone training raises awareness of students with ‘invisible’ disabilities

A new training program called AccessZone is designed to increase awareness among ASU faculty and staff about different kinds of disabilities and how to create support for all students.

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“Universal Design has been something I've implemented in many ways over my years of practice, but having a group discussion clued me into other things I can do to make my practices even more accessible to all. I will be adjusting routines and language to create a more inclusive environment.”
– Access Zone participant

“Everyone loved the AccessZone training and I look forward to the future Lunch and Learn Series.”
– Hannah Carter, M.Ed.,
Academic Success Specialist – Undergraduate Advising

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