Arizona State University is committed to ensuring all students who are pregnant or are experiencing medical challenges due to pregnancy or childbirth are able to continue in ASU’s education programs and activities. In our commitment to allow students to return to the same academic status as before a pregnancy, Student Accessibility can work with you to foster your continued participation in a program, whether that be with academic accommodations such as absences or assistance requesting a leave, or through other requested accommodations. Student Accessibility is the office on campus that works with students who wish to request an accommodation. In order to receive support and accommodations due to pregnancy related needs please register with Student Accessibility.

Students requesting services due to pregnancy should be prepared to submit documentation regarding the pregnancy, any complications and clearance to return to school related activities.

Students may refer to the following policy for additional information: 701–10: Accommodations and Services for Pregnant Students

If you have any questions please call our office at 480-965-1234 or email us at