Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services understands that parents and family are integral to the success of their students, especially students with disabilities. Often, students with disabilities rely on their parent’s involvement throughout their K-12 educational experience and the transition to college can be challenging. Student Accessibility welcomes parents to participate in the accommodation process in support of their student while still honoring that the student is a driver in the accommodation process in college. 

In order to gain permission to get information on behalf of your student parents will need to gain FERPA clearance through the ASU Guest access process. Information on this process can be found here:

Parents with FERPA clearance should expect:

  • To be able to contact university officials, covered under the guest access, and receive information related to their student as is pertinent to the situation.
  • To be able to contact Student Accessibility and related information that is beneficial to the overall support and success of their student.
  • Receive information on an as needed basis if it is pertinent to their students overall success.


Parents with FERPA clearance should not expect:

  • Student Accessibility to call and check in on the status of their student.
  • Faculty to check in with parents if their student is not doing well or misses classes.
  • To have blanket access to information related to and about their student.
  • To call and ask if your student went to class today.


Parent FAQ

If you have any questions please call our office at 480-965-1234 or email us at