Notetaking accommodations are available for students with a number of different disabilities. Typically a student who receives notetaking accommodations has limitations with attention, processing, and/or a physical limitation. This accommodation is provided in a few ways including the use of assistive technology, the provision of materials in advance to facilitate the notetaking process, or by soliciting all the students who are registered in the course to find another student to take notes and share them with the registered Student Accessibility student. Notetakers are selected on a first come first serve basis. Please sign up early.

Notetaker application

Find the notetaker application here.


When an in class notetaker is needed, those students taking notes can select from two types of compensation::

notetaker letter-of compensation icon

Letter of Commendation
reflects your philanthropy through community services.

notetaker payment icon

DRC will pay $25 per credit hour for a course, i.e. 3-credit class pays $75 at the end of the semester.

Notes submission

Notes can be delivered in three methods: hand delivered, emailed or uploaded to Connect. Uploaded notes will expedite notetaking payments.

notetaker hand-delivered icon

Hand Delivered

notetaker Emailed icon


notetaker Uploaded to SAILS Connect icon

Uploaded to Connect

Uploading notes, roles and responsibilities, and signing up: