I AM Mentor Program

I AM Mentor Program

Inclusive Achievement of Mastery (I AM) Mentor Program

The I AM Peer Mentor program supports ASU’s commitment to equity and inclusion by providing active and ongoing one-on-one peer support to students with disabilities registered with SAILS as they enter ASU and progress toward graduation. Peer mentors, and program staff, assist students with acclimating to ASU, finding the services they need, and helping them chart their unique path to Academic and personal success and graduation.

What is the SAILS Inclusive Achievement of Mastery (I AM) mentoring program?

I AM is a student support program that pairs incoming Sun Devils with current SAILS students to foster a sense of belonging and cultivate the skills needed to navigate their collegiate experience. Mentors meet with their mentees bi-weekly throughout the course of the year. By fostering connections, I AM boosts academic success, retention, and provides an encouraging support system.

What is Peer Mentoring? 

Peer mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship which brings individuals together with peers who share experiences and can offer guidance, support, and encouragement, aimed at supporting and developing the character of the mentee. A peer mentor is NOT a social worker, parent, a therapist, or a solution to all of the mentee’s problems. The peer mentor may refer the mentee to the advisors in the event of higher support need.

Benefits of mentoring

For Mentors

  • Improved reasoning skills
  • Better ability to relate to parents; improved communication skills
  • Greater feeling of connection to school; increased self-esteem, empathy
  • Improved conflict resolution skills; greater patience; improved organizational skills
  • Increased “cultural capital,” which helps mentors understand their own challenges and experiences


For Mentees

  • Increased academic achievement; greater self-efficacy
  • Improved social skills
  • Greater feeling of connection to school and peers
  • Decreased behavioral problems; lower rate of engaging in risky behaviors
  • Increased school attendance; greater rate of continuing education

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