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Space Use Policies and Procedures

When Reservations Can Be Made:

Registered Student Organizations may request event space for the following academic year.

Campus Departments may request event and meeting space 2 years in advance. However, reservations for regularly scheduled, for credit courses, will not be accepted.

Off Campus groups may request event space no more than 12 months in advance.

  • This system is designed to give priority to on campus groups. However, once scheduled, off campus groups will not be “bumped” to accommodate on campus group requests.


  1. Student Organizations may book spaces for any time in the current or upcoming academic year. Academic and/or other university departments may book space two (2) years in advance; off campus clients may book one (1) year in advance. Reservations for regularly scheduled, credited courses will not be accepted.
  2. Off campus groups that are affiliated with an on-campus department or student organization may utilize Student Activities and Conference Services (SACS)-managed spaces when school is in session by obtaining co-sponsorship. By co-sponsoring the event, the department or organization assumes responsibility for any financial obligations from the event. A letter is required from the department head or organization president and advisor stating how the event furthers the mission of the organization and/or Arizona State University. At least one member of the department or organization must be in attendance at the event.
  3. Third-Party clients not co-sponsored by an ASU entity will be required to supply a certificate of insurance and endorsement with the coverage amounts specified by ASU insurance department. Third-Party clients conducting a luncheon or dinner catered by contracted in house caterer may be excluded from this requirement.
  4. Room charges will be added to all reservations for conferences, cultural performances, tournaments, fundraisers and all events where a fee could potentially be charged to guests and or recruiters/exhibitors. The room charges may be waived upon receipt of a program prior to the event date showing that there is no registration fee, ticket charge, required donation, or other payment to attend the event.
  5. Room charges also apply to all events where 50% or more of attendees are not affiliated with Arizona State University, another institution of higher education or a P-12 educational institution sponsored visit. Clients must pre-sell tickets; ticket sales are not allowed at the door. SACS reserves the right to verify attendee affiliation by requesting copies of registration list, guest list or by checking guest identification to ensure adherence to this policy.
  6. Clients will be allowed to hold two (2) dates for the same event while in the planning process. Depending on the size of the room(s) and the demand for space, clients will be asked to release one date within the six (6) month period preceding the event.
  7. SACS reserves the right to change location and/or cancel an event or meeting when necessary. Every effort will be made to notify the client in advance and to accommodate the client in an alternate location.
  8. The SACS does not accept reservations from any organization with outstanding payments due to ASU.

Conditions of Use

  1. Clients holding large events or events that require a large, detailed or unusual set will be required to meet with a member of the SACS staff a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event to ensure clients are aware of all policies for use of space. At least one person that will be responsible for and at the event will need to attend.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total rental is due 10 days upon a signed contract for ASU affiliated groups.
  3. Events may require a special event permit from ASU police and/or the ASU Fire Marshal. Please work with your event coordinator to see if a permit request should be submitted.
  4. Rooms/spaces must be left clean, free of damage and in the set-up reserved. Clients are prohibited from re-arranging the furniture and will be assessed a fee if the set-up is changed. If damage occurs in a room and/or there is a loss of equipment, the responsible group/party will be assessed a fee reflective of the cost for replacement/repair.
  5. Any group leaving an excessive amount of materials or trash will be assessed a minimum fee of $50 for clean-up. This includes any pick-up/drop-off catering menu items.
  6. All vendors providing furnishings, equipment or services to events must provide proof of insurance coverage as required by ASU policy prior to provision of any services.
  7. SACS will charge an excessive set up fee when the needs for any space exceed a standard set or include unusual demands.
  8. SACS-managed spaces are designated a public venue, as such, all movies shown must have copyright approval.
  9. All requests for rooms, equipment and/or setup made with less than six (6) business days prior to the event start cannot be guaranteed, and if possible are subject to additional fees.
  10. Any changes in the way the room is set that are communicated after the set is complete are subject to a substantial reset fee, equal to the that of the labor expenses needed to reset the space.
  11. Student Activities and Conference Services will charge a set up fee when the needs for any space exceed a standard set.
  12. The requesting party agrees to assume full financial responsibility for any damages to University facilities, fields, furnishing, fixtures and equipment occurring as a result of actions by user or its guests, invitees, employees, patrons, members or personnel, normal wear and tear excluded. If replacement of equipment, special clean-up or repairs are required, the user /client will be responsible for appropriate labor and material costs.
  13. Per University Policy, ACD 804: “Tobacco-Free Campus Policy” Tobacco is prohibited on University property, facilities, grounds, parking structures, University-owned vehicles and structures owned or leased by the university.
  14. ASU reserves the right to require ASU Police Department presence at events when deemed necessary by ASU. Cost of police presence will be borne by client. ASU also reserves the right to cancel any event at any time without penalty if a threat assessment determines that there is credible danger to ASU students, faculty or staff, members of the general public or event attendees.

Set-up/Rehearsal/Rain Back-up

  1. Clients requesting a room for a rain back up prior to their event will be charged the room rental for the appropriate category, whether or not the room is used. Rooms held as back up, cancelled 30 days prior will not be assessed a fee. Rooms requested day of the event as alternative rain locations will be assessed the appropriate labor charge to set the room.
  2. Due to the high demand for space, requests for rehearsal times and client set-up are limited to 4 hours at a time convenient to the operation of SACS. Requests for additional time will be reserved if available for 50-100% of the room charge based on amount of time requested.


  1. University Center Building, Delph Courtyard and the Verde Dining Pavilion have in house catering service. No other off site companies may cater in these locations. Food and beverage served in any other space managed by SACS may be ordered from our in house catering service or a food waiver must be submitted through SACS to request a different vendor. SACS will coordinate this process from receipt of food waiver application. Non ASU groups are only allowed to use on campus catering services.
  2. An alcohol permit is required to serve alcohol on campus. The forms are available on the ASU Police website, and must be submitted to the SACS professional staff at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Audio Visual

  1. Student Activities and Conference Services audio visual equipment is not designed to support musical or theatrical performances directly. We will assist any client needing to contract outside Audio Visual services for these types of events. Musical or other theatrical performances must stay below the acceptable sound level as determined by the building manager, so as not to infringe on other functions occurring at the same time. Sound levels at outdoor events must stay within the decibel range acceptable for the day/time based on City of Phoenix codes. Failure to stay within sound limitations may result in immediate termination of the event.
  2. Clients requiring labor/tech services for our equipment only will be billed $20 per labor hour if staff is available to support the event.
  3. Laptops, CD players and MP3 players may be used in conjunction with SACS sound equipment. No other client provided equipment may be connected to SACS sound systems.
  4. DJ’s may be used in the larger rooms but must provide their own equipment or use one of the acceptable plug-ins (as listed in # 42) to connect to sound system in room. They will also need to work with the Building Manager to maintain an appropriate sound level for the venue.


  1. Clients needing to unload items at the loading dock need to notify the SACS team so we can make arrangements with Parking and Transit Services. SACS does not have over any charges accessed for parking improperly.
  2. Parking arrangements must be made with Parking and Transit Services (602)543-3253


  1. Signs may only be placed in areas pre-approved by the SACS staff and must be placed on sign holders. Labor charge of $75 will be assessed for hanging large outdoors banners or signs and $25 for indoors banners.
  2. The use of glitter and confetti is prohibited throughout SACS-managed spaces. Lit candles and incense are only allowed for ceremonial purposes approved by SACS. If approved client must submit a fire permit to the ASU office of Environmental Health and Safety, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance for their approval.
  3. Decorations may be placed on sign holders or tables. Taping decorations or signage to walls, windows, and doors is prohibited.
  4. Literature displays and sales may take place inside meeting rooms only for the duration of the event

Late Requests/Cancellations

  1. 60 days’ notice is required for cancellation of reservations for the ballroom/large venue space, playing fields.
  2. Two (2) weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of all conference room space reservations. Cancellations received after that time and no shows will be subject to a $40.00 late cancellation fee.
  3. Two full working days’ notice is required for cancellation of reservations, excluding those covered by other policies. Cancellations received after that time and no shows will be subject to a $20 late cancellation fee.
  4. Clients with reservations for 3 or more rooms on the same date that cancel less than two weeks out will be assessed a fee equal to 50% of the reservation rate.
  5. All requests for rooms, equipment and/or set-up made with less than two (2) full working days will be charged a $20.00 fee per request.
  6. Any major change or cancellation to a series reservation will be assessed a $25 fee

Campus Tabling Policy

  1. Student Activities and Conference Services has tables, chairs, and a sound system available for use in tabling spaces that it reserves on campus. One (1) table and two (2) chairs will be delivered no less than 15 minutes prior to a tabling reservation.
  2. Any group not present by the start of the tabling reservation will receive a courtesy phone call, and any group that does not arrive by the start of the reservation or respond to attempts to contact the client, will forfeit the tabling spot for that day and will be charged a $10 tabling forfeit fee. All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. The sound system is a self-serve unit that can be picked up at the SACS information desk in the University Center Building 30 minutes prior to the tabling reservation start time and must be returned to the same desk no later than 30 minutes after the end of the requests. Sound equipment must be signed out by an individual identified by the student organization. When signed out, the student organization is confirming financial responsibility for any damages or replacement of equipment required due to the groups use. One (1) extension cord will be provided.
  4. Group’s future tabling reservations and ability to request additional tabling space will be suspending until all applicable penalties have been paid in full.

Outdoor Space Use Policy

  1. All outdoor space is intended for use by Arizona State University and its affiliates only. Student Activities and Conference Services reserve the right to request appropriate identification at any time.
  2. Events in outdoor spaces often require a special events permit. Permit Applications should be submitted through SACS and will be processed thought ASU EH&S.
  3. During approved Arizona State University activities, outdoor space will not be available for drop-in use.
  4. Solicitors, sales persons, or canvassers seeking student contact may not use the outdoor venues for sales or solicitations unless prior approval has been granted by the Director of SACS or designee. This includes the distribution of any materials, handbills, flyers or literature with the intention to promote the purchase of items or services. Individuals engaged in such activities will be asked to leave the premises.
  5. Set-ups for stages, tents, fences, etc. should be an appropriate distance from sprinkler heads and trees to avoid damage. Staking of tents, canopies or other equipment is prohibited without prior approval. No signage or ropes of any kind may be attached to trees. Absolutely no posting allowed on trees, plants, or objects in the landscape, lamp posts, exterior or interior walls, sidewalks, benches, windows, or other surfaces not specifically designed for posting printed materials.
  6. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for the removal of all equipment and trash by the end of the reservation time and are responsible for returning that area to the same condition it was prior to its use.
  7. Events that negatively impact outdoor spaces “wear and tear”, will incur additional fees.
  8. Special arrangements must be made with the SACS to drive or park vehicles on the premises. Fire lanes must be accessible at all times. Vehicles may be driven only onto designated areas of outdoor spaces to deliver items
  9. No person shall injure, deface, remove, cut or damage any of the trees, plants, shrubs, turf, or structures therein. The reserving party will be responsible for the repair and replacement of all damages.
  10. Sound levels at outdoor events must stay within the decibel range acceptable for the day/time based on City of Phoenix code. Failure to stay within sound limitations may result in immediate termination of the event.