Inferno Traditions


Football Traditions

Stand the entire game

We stay on our feet the entire game! Nobody in The Inferno should be sitting.

Stomp the bus

The Sun Devils’ “Stomp the Bus” entrance is the best in all of college football. On the big screen a giant Sparky is launched from the surface of the Sun, travels through outer space and lands in Arizona. He then makes his way through the Valley as the song Thunderstruck plays. His journey ends at Sun Devil Stadium where he stomps the opposing team’s bus. During the video, make the pitchfork sign and move your arm in a downward motion along with the music.

Get loud on every defensive play

It is our job as students to create a home field advantage. When the Sun Devil defense is on the field, it is time for The Inferno to make noise!

Give ‘em hell on 3rd down

When the Sun Devils are on defense and force a third down, the PA announcer will play Hells Bells. Make the pitchfork sign with your fingers and move your arm in a downward motion as each bell tolls. When the music ends, yell as loud as you can!

Stay quiet on offense

When the Sun Devils are on offense, we want the team to be able to communicate. Now is not the time for noise or chants. Save them for a break in play!

Shake your keys on kickoff

Bring your keys to the game. Hold them in the air and shake them before each kickoff — to show everyone the Sun Devils are ready to start the DRIVE.

Count Sparky's push-ups

After every Sun Devil score Sparky will do one push-up for every point earned. Count them out and participate in the "A-S-U" chant when he finishes!

Stay until the game is over

We don’t leave The Inferno until the game clock hits 00:00. The team works hard all year. They deserve our support until the end of every game — no matter the score.

Basketball Traditions

Mill Madness

Each Fall we celebrate the beginning of a new basketball season by putting a full size basketball court on Tempe's Mill Avenue.  Mill Madness features food, music, and the men and women of Sun Devil basketball competing in a three-point shooting contest, a slam-dunk contest, and other skill challenges.

The Curtain of Distraction

ASU is home to the most unique student section participation in all of college basketball.  You never know what is behind the world famous Curtain of Distraction !  The Curtain was invented by ASU's most rabid student sports fans -- the 942 Crew.

Game Themes

Students choose themes for basketball games throughout the season and use props, giveaways, food and performances to highlight them.  Neon Night, Star Wars Night, and Ugly Sweater Night are some of the most popular.